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Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking: Three Step-by-Step Guidebooks to Essential Woodworking Techniques, Hardcover, Slp Har/Dv Edition by Frid, Tage


Hardcover: Slp Har/Dv Edition

Publication Date: 2005-10-01
Publisher: Taunton Press
Hardcover : 688 pages
Edition: Slp Har/Dv Edition
Author: Frid, Tage
ISBN-10: 1561588261
ISBN-13: 9781561588268

Product Description Through these three classic volumes, it's easy to see why we and woodworkers the world over consider Tage Frid a most cherished woodworking icon. His passion has inspired countless enthusiasts and even shaped the course of the craft today. In this limited-edition set (only 10,000 copies have been printed), the dean of American woodworking teachers brings to your shop more than half a century of woodworking insight and experience. You'll learn this master's techniques through step-by-step photos, detailed drawings, and thoughtful instruction. Volumes included: Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Book 1: Joinery by Tage Frid This innovative book is a pictorial step-by-step demonstration of essential joinery and tools by the dean of American woodworking teachers. Tage Frid shows you how to use both hand and power tools to prepare wood and make all the joints useful to cabinetmakers -- from the simple tongue-and-groove to more complicated dovetails and multiple-spline miters. Contents: Introduction - The Material - Saws - Preparing Stock - Dovetails - Other Multiple Joints - Tongue and Groove - Mortise and Tenon - Making Tenons - Mitered Frame Joints Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Book 2: Shaping, Veneering, Finishing by Tage Frid Here are all the essentials of woodworking technique, brought to you by Tage Frid, a master craftsman with over 50 years of experience as a cabinetmaker. There's no better way to learn the intricacies of bending, turning, carving, veneering, inlaying and finishing than to watch Frid doing the work. He shows you what you need to know, using both detailed discussions and over 700 step-by-step illustrations. No detail is left to the imagination. Contents: Bending - Scrapers - Carving - Spindle Turning - Faceplate Turning - Plywood and Veneer - Inlay - Finishing Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Book 3: Furnituremaking by Tage Frid In this book, Tage Frid presents 18 of his favorite pieces, offering photos, instructions and complete working drawings for eight different tables, his well-known workbench, his distinctive three-legged stool, a rocking chair, a grandmother clock, and more. All the designs reflect Frid's Scandinavian heritage and his belief that even the finest furniture should meet the needs of the people who use it. In each case, Frid explains how he designed the piece, outlines the steps involved in making it, and describes in detail those steps that are most difficult or interesting. In short, Frid gives you all the information you need to make his most successful pieces, plus a wealth of practical ideas about how you can improve your own furniture projects. Contents: Introduction - Designing for People - Furniture to Make Furniture - Tables - Chairs - Casework - Office and Kitchen - Gallery About the Author Tage Frid (1915 – 2004) was a Danish-born woodworker who influenced the development of the studio furniture movement in the United States.

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