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Advanced C and C++ Compiling, Paperback, 1st ed. Edition by Stevanovic, Milan


Paperback: 1st ed. Edition

Publication Date: 2014-04-28
Publisher: Apress
Paperback : 358 pages
Edition: 1st ed. Edition
Author: Stevanovic, Milan
ISBN-10: 1430266678
ISBN-13: 9781430266679

Product Description Learning how to write C/C++ code is only the first step. To be a serious programmer, you need to understand the structure and purpose of the binary files produced by the compiler: object files, static libraries, shared libraries, and, of course, executables. Advanced C and C++ Compiling explains the build process in detail and shows how to integrate code from other developers in the form of deployed libraries as well as how to resolve issues and potential mismatches between your own and external code trees. With the proliferation of open source, understanding these issues is increasingly the responsibility of the individual programmer. Advanced C and C++ Compiling brings all of the information needed to move from intermediate to expert programmer together in one place -- an engineering guide on the topic of C/C++ binaries to help you get the most accurate and pertinent information in the quickest possible time. What you'll learn The details of the build process, including compiling and linking The inner workings of static libraries, shared libraries, and executables Ways to properly architect code for smooth integration of future changes Tips for troubleshooting problems with compiling and linking as well as run-time problems How to use operating system-specific (Linux and Windows) tools for analysis of binary files Who this book is for C/C++ software designers aspiring to senior levels, software architects, build engineers, and Linux system administrators. Table of Contents Multitasking OS Basics Simple Program Lifetime Stages Program Execution Stages The Impact of Reusing Concept Working with Static Libraries Designing Dynamic Libraries: Basics Locating the Libraries Designing Dynamic Libraries: Advanced Topics Handling Duplicate Symbols When Linking In Dynamic Libraries Dynamic Libraries Versioning Dynamic Libraries Miscellaneous Topics The Linux Toolbox Linux HowTo's Windows Toolbox Review Reviewer: Dr. Alexander TzanovINFORMS Journal of Computing ISSN: 1526-5528 ...The result is excellent, careful representation of the building process of dynamic libraries, which is always a cumbersome topic for many scientific programmers. ... Overall, the book is an excellent reference book that could be very helpful for scientific programmers with no computer science background to create quality code. From the Author [Comment on book's second anniversary]: The engineers and/or scientists working on the frontiers of the new technologies have been the book's intended target audience from the beginning. The major idea was to provide the 'missing manual' for the world of compiling and linking to the folks whose minds (like mine) are focused on variety of their engineering/scientific disciplines, but whose tools of the trade inevitably walk them down the avenues of C/C++. Based on the sales statistics (graph attached on my Amazon author's page) in which the geographic areas of the Silicon Valley and the NYC comprise the significant percentage of all US sales, it looks that that my expectations were met. I hereby thank all the folks who have contacted me on with the comments and ideas of how the book may be better. Needless to say, appreciate the many positive comments which came from the individuals of all kinds of engineering profiles. The book is widely perceived as the bridge between the everyday practice of the engineering world and a bit secretive domain of C/C++ compiling/linking. Being genuinely the person of the engineering world and the traveller through the world of compiling/linking, that's the most I've always hoped this book will accomplish. Interestingly enough, a particular engineering team which I met through my consulting engagements which was the most vocal in the good recommendations features patent portfolio in the domain of digital media which outnumbers my years of age (which is not very small number). Last but not least - the book has been translated to Chinese.[E

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