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Cbt Starterbook: Wolf & Blake, Paperback by Catalyst Game Labs

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Publication Date: 2008-09-24
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
Paperback : 120 pages
Author: Catalyst Game Labs
ISBN-10: 1934857076
ISBN-13: 9781934857076

Black Widow Company A Wolf’s Dragoons independent command, the Black Widow Company is one of the most famous units of all time: they are reborn from the fires of Blakist treachery to prove to the entire Inner Sphere that the Dragoons are still to be respected and feared. Opacus Venatori A melding of the most elite warriors with the Word of Blake’s Manei Domini cyborg soldiers, the Opacus Venatori—piloting the new cutting-edge Celestial-series OmniMechs—are a hunter-killer force without equal and they’ve got Wolf blood in sight.

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