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Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis (Springer Series in Statistics), Hardcover, 2nd Edition by Berger, James O.


Hardcover: 2nd Edition

Publication Date: 1985-08-21
Publisher: Springer
Hardcover : 634 pages
Edition: 2nd Edition
Author: Berger, James O.
ISBN-10: 0387960988
ISBN-13: 9780387960982

Product Description In this new edition the author has added substantial material on Bayesian analysis, including lengthy new sections on such important topics as empirical and hierarchical Bayes analysis, Bayesian calculation, Bayesian communication, and group decision making. With these changes, the book can be used as a self-contained introduction to Bayesian analysis. In addition, much of the decision-theoretic portion of the text was updated, including new sections covering such modern topics as minimax multivariate (Stein) estimation. Review "The outstanding strengths of the book are its topic coverage, references, exposition, examples and problem sets... This book is an excellent addition to any mathematical statistician's library." (Bulletin of the Am. Mathematical Soc.) About the Author James O. Berger teaches at the Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University.

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