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How We Keep Your Information Safe

What information does Books Express collect?

Books Express keeps information that you enter when you make your account. For example, we take your email address, your name, and your delivery address. We do this for the sole purpose of making your checkout easy, and sending you updates on our deals.

Does Books Express sell my personal information?

No. We are a book sale company, not Facebook. Our business can do fine without selling your email address to people. We also feel like the sale of personal information without your consent is inherently wrong.


Our site does store cookies on your computer. Cookies allow you to get onto our site faster. Remember that if you are not comfortable with this, you can delete all of the cookies that have been stored on your computer, and for the future, you can change your settings to stop sites from setting cookies.

Non-personal Identification Information

Some information, such as the type of computer or web browser you’re using may be collected. This is because our site needs it to load our site properly on your computer.

Is my collected information safe?

Yes it is. Our store is very secure and covers all PCI standard categories, which includes maintaining an information security policy.