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International Editions of Textbooks

Buying international editions of textbooks is a slightly complicated, but very cost effective way to get your textbooks. International editions are just textbooks that were published for distribution outside of the United States. Here are some key points on why you should consider international textbooks.


Why are international textbooks so cost effective? The first reason for this is that the manufacturing costs in countries other than the U.S. are usually a lot cheaper. These manufacturers will also use soft cover instead of hard cover, black and white instead of color, and even have thinner pages. All of these changes will lower the cost for the manufacturer, which transfers to lower costs for you.


When would I be able to use an international book instead of the original? This question can be answered by your professor. In general, make sure that you don’t need an access code. The content inside the book should be almost exactly the same as the original, besides very occasional changes in the comprehension questions the textbooks will give you.


International Editions are a good consideration because of the drastic drop in the price of these books.