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A Theory of Justice, Hardcover, First Edition by Rawls, John (Used)

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Hardcover: First Edition
Used: Acceptable

Publication Date: 1971-01-01
Publisher: Belknap Press
Hardcover : 607 pages
Edition: First Edition
Author: Rawls, John
ISBN-10: 0674880102
ISBN-13: 9780674880108

Product Description Presents a primarily Kantian approach to justice which emphasizes the natural rights of man over those of society Review In his magisterial new work...John Rawls draws on the most subtle techniques of contemporary analytic philosophy to provide the social contract tradition with what is, from a philosophical point of view at least, the most formidable defense it has yet received...[and] makes available the powerful intellectual resources and the comprehensive approach that have so far eluded antiutilitarians. He also makes clear how wrong it was to claim, as so many were claiming only a few years back, that systematic moral and political philosophy are dead...Whatever else may be true it is surely true that we must develop a sterner and more fastidious sense of justice. In making his peerless contribution to political theory, John Rawls has made a unique contribution to this urgent task. No higher achievement is open to a scholar. (Marshall Cohen New York Times Book Review) [Rawls] has elucidated a conception of justice which goes beyond anything to be found in Kant or Rousseau. It is a convincing refutation, if one is needed, of any lingering suspicions that the tradition of English-speaking political philosophy might be dead. Indeed, his book might plausibly be claimed to be the most notable contribution to that tradition to have been published since Sidgwick and Mill. ( Times Literary Supplement) Enlightenment comes in various forms, sometimes even by means of books. And it is a pleasure to indigenous American philosophical masterpiece of the first order...I press my recommendation of [this book] to non-philosophers, especially those holding positions of responsibility in law and government. For the topic with which it deals is central to this country's purposes, and the misunderstanding of that topic is central to its difficulties...And the central idea is simple, elegant, plausible, and easily applied by anybody at any time as a measure of the justice of his own actions. (Peter Caws New Republic) The most substantial and interesting contribution to moral philosophy since the war. (Stuart Hampshire New York Review of Books) A rich, complicated, and fundamental work...Rawls possesses a deep sense of the multiple connections between social institutions and individual psychology. Without illusion he describes a pluralistic social order that will call forth the support of free men and evoke what is best in them. To have made such a vision precise, alive, and convincing is a memorable achievement. (Thomas Nagel Philosophical Review) About the Author John Rawls was James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University. He was recipient of the 1999 National Humanities Medal.

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