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American Government: Your Voice, Your Future, 5th Edition, Paperback, 5th edition by Matthew R. Kerbel

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Paperback: 5th edition
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Publication Date: 2014-01-01
Publisher: YOLO Learning Solutions
Paperback Edition: 5th edition
Author: Matthew R. Kerbel
ISBN-10: 0982324170
ISBN-13: 9780982324172

This book was written with the instructor's pedagogical needs and the students learning needs in mind. It presents a comprehensive treatment of the subject, emphasizes critical learning skills, and connects theory to practice, while talking to (rather than past) the student in a conversational manner using modular text and interactive features that address how students learn. It offers a comprehensive teaching and learning experience at an affordable price that will facilitate the teaching process while permitting instructors the flexibility to customize the book to how they teach the course. In five parts encompassing sixteen chapters, American Government: Your Voice, Your Future maps out a route designed to take you from understanding your place in the political system to how people connect with government, how the political system works and what it does, and finally'to come full circle'how responsive it is to your demands and desires.

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