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American Public Policy: Promise and Performance, Paperback, 11 Edition by Peters, B. Guy


Paperback: 11 Edition

Publication Date: 2018-09-04
Publisher: CQ Press
Paperback : 576 pages
Edition: 11 Edition
Author: Peters, B. Guy
ISBN-10: 1506399584
ISBN-13: 9781506399584

Product Description This updated edition of American Public Policy by B. Guy Peters provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the policy-making process from procedural approaches and policy instruments to in-depth analysis of specific policy issues. The Eleventh Edition considers how policy has been impacted by recent economic and political developments. Not shying away from the complexity of governmental procedure, Peters ensures that the mechanisms of the policy process are understandable through insightful discussions of topical policy areas. Review "This is an in-depth yet quite accessible overlook of public policy in the United States…With this updated version, Peters’ text keeps up with the ever-changing world of American public policy while still giving students the tools to better understand this process." -- Michael E. Bednarczuk "American Public Policy delivers its readers a well-organized and highly accessible overview of the field of public policy. By striking an effective balance of public policy theory, real-world data, and historical examples, Peters’ text has become an essential component of my introductory public policy courses." -- Thomas W. Haase "American public policy is one of the most detailed and compelling text on domestic public policy on the market." -- Linda M. Trautman "This text is accessibly written without being overly-simplistic, thorough without being too weighty, and it discusses issues relevant to modern students of American public policy." -- Zach Wilhide "Peters’ text is a comprehensive approach to the process, substance, and context of policymaking. In an era where politics seemingly trumps the study of policy as an academic field, Peters shows his reader the technical aspects of policymaking and the theories underlying policy decisions. At the same time, Peters makes the topics approachable to students from many personal and academic backgrounds." -- Andrea M. Jacks "A high-level introduction to American politics and political science (as it relates to policymaking), public and political institutions, the construction, implementation and evaluation of public policies, and the politics and mechanics of specific policy instruments and areas." -- Michael Landon-Murry About the Author B. Guy Peters is Maurice Falk Professor of American Government at the University of Pittsburgh. He has written extensively in the areas of public administration and public policy, both for the United States and comparatively. Among his recent publications are the Handbook of Public Administration and The Quest for Control: Politicization of the Public Service.

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