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An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles: Study Guide and Workbook, Loose Leaf, 1 Edition by Bradley S. Bowden

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Loose Leaf: 1 Edition
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Publication Date: 2012-01-15
Loose Leaf : 244 pages
Edition: 1 Edition
Author: Bradley S. Bowden
ISBN-10: 0895828847
ISBN-13: 9780895828842

This book provides a significant review and reinforcement tool to aid students in mastering their knowledge of the human skeleton, articulations, body motions, and the innervations and actions of individual and functional groups of muscles. Designed to accompany An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles, 3 Ed., by Bowden/Bowden as an additional study tool, it also provides all health professions and life science students an effective self-study guide on these topics, student versions of this title are three-hole drilled and in loose-leaf format.

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