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Astro Cycles and Speculative Markets, Hardcover, Third Edition by Jensen, L. J.

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Hardcover: Third Edition
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Publication Date: 1985-06-01
Publisher: Lambert Gann Pub
Hardcover : 142 pages
Edition: Third Edition
Author: Jensen, L. J.
ISBN-10: 0939093111
ISBN-13: 9780939093113

Originally published in 1935 this book is an authentic classic including two of the best "How-To" books on Financial Astrology ever written combined into one volume. Over fifty years of study, research, and actual application of his concepts in the stock and commodity markets have proven Jensen to be one of the greatest astro-economic analysts of all time. Concise and to the point, the methods shown in this book are being used today by some of the most successful private traders, and large companies.

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