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Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures

Definitions and system applications of subcooling and superheat are also included in this module. Condenser subcooling, total subcooling, evaporator superheat and total superheat are explained with examples as they apply to the basic refrigeration cycle. Friction and static pressure losses, with examples and applications, gives the reader a thorough understanding of how much subcooling is needed in any system.

Advanced topics such as; liquid pressure amplification, superheat suppression, floating head pressure, and refrigerant control systems are included.

This module includes a detailed explanation of refrigerant metering devices which include; thermostatic expansion valves, automatic expansion valves, and capillary tubes. Application, sizing, and troubleshooting under varying system operating conditions are explained.

System charging procedures as they apply to these various types of air conditioning and/or refrigeration systems are included. Charging charts and charging curves with examples of system applications give the reader a thorough understanding of system charging when reading this module.
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