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Biology: Concepts and Applications

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Get ahead with Starr’s Biology: Concepts and Applications!

Real world issues.

Read about real issues like how refusing vaccinations is affecting human herd immunity, and apps that use crowdsourcing to collect biodiversity data.

How are researchers addressing real world problems?

'Engage' boxes help you understand how chapter concepts relate to real-world issues. Each 'Engage' box profiles a researcher who is actively addressing real-world problems related to the concepts presented in the chapter.

Connecting biology with the world today.

Chapters conclude with an 'Application' feature that discusses a current societal issue, connecting biology with information that is currently circulating in the news or on social media.

On-page glossary supports reading comprehension.

Providing immediate assistance, the on-page running glossary offers most definitions in slightly different wording from the text. Having all terms in one place is also useful as a study guide.

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