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Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, Paperback, 5 Edition by Garrett, Bob


Paperback: 5 Edition

Publication Date: 2017-11-16
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Paperback : 616 pages
Edition: 5 Edition
Author: Garrett, Bob
ISBN-10: 150634920X
ISBN-13: 9781506349206

Product Description Ignite your excitement about behavioral neuroscience with Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, Fifth Edition by best-selling author Bob Garrett and new co-author Gerald Hough. Garrett and Hough make the field accessible by inviting readers to explore key theories and scientific discoveries using detailed illustrations and immersive examples as their guide. Spotlights on case studies, current events, and research findings help readers make connections between the material and their own lives. A study guide, revised artwork, new animations, and an accompanying interactive eBook stimulate deep learning and critical thinking. Review "My students like this book and often tell me that this is one text they will keep. I think it is a standout among countless other texts. Garrett, Hough, and their collaborators have produced a very important and effective textbook." -- Dr. Robert Faux "The writing style is great as it is easy to read. The numerous illustrations provide great discussion and teaching topics in the classroom." -- Andrea L.O. Hebb "Each chapter tells a story that the students can follow in a very systematic way with good flow in the writing style. . . . I especially like the In Perspective sections which provide current research insight for students wishing to enter the field." -- Dr. Lorenz S. Neuwirth, "I believe the various ancillaries of the text and website that discuss everyday aspects and applications of biological psychology increase the effectiveness and retention of the information for students." -- Kurt T. Choate "I find the clinical applications most impressive." -- Andrea L.O. Hebb "The perspectives and the visual imagery in the book are wonderful." -- Dr. Lorenz S. Neuwirth, "It really engages the students to look over the supplemental materials and get the most out of their learning experience." -- Dr. Bryant Horowitz "The current events and supplemental information that makes you think and incites critical thinking really put this book at an advantage. Concept checks and other things that allow you to go beyond the scope of what is presented is a plus, and there are a myriad of supplemental options for the student who may not comprehend it as much as others." -- Dr. Bryant Horowitz About the Author Bob Garrett is a Visiting Scholar at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He was Professor of Psychology at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and held several positions there, including Chairperson of the Department of Psychology, Faculty Development Coordinator, and Interim Dean of Academic Affairs. He received his BA from the University of Texas at Arlington and his MA and PhD from Baylor University. He received further training in the Department of Physiology at Baylor University College of Medicine and at the Aeromedical Research Primate Laboratory, Holloman Air Force Base. Bob lives on a 3,200-acre ranch he shares with 48 other families in the hills outside San Luis Obispo. His sons, Geoffrey and Michael, and grandchildren, Evan, Naomi, and Talia, all live nearby. Gerald (Jerry) Hough is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Psychology at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. He received his BS from Purdue University and his MS and PhD from The Ohio State University. He also worked in the lab of Verner Bingman at Bowling Green State University. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on anatomy, animal behavior, research methods, psychopharmacology, cognitive neuroscience, physiology, and learning. He is an elected member of the American Ornithologists Union from his work on sparrows, pigeons, and Hawai’ian ‘amakihi birds. He has served as the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator for Psychology, as the Chair of the IACUC, in curriculum development for the Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, and Negotiator and Vice President 1 of the American Federation of Teachers Local 2373 at Rowan University. His res

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