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Business and Its Environment, Hardcover, 7 Edition by Baron, David

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Hardcover: 7 Edition
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Publication Date: 2012-07-18
Publisher: Pearson
Hardcover : 784 pages
Edition: 7 Edition
Author: Baron, David
ISBN-10: 0132620553
ISBN-13: 9780132620550

Businesses compete in many ways, including nonmarket areas like corporate responsibility. Learn how to sharpen your firm’s competitive edge. Baron’s integrated approach combines the disciplines of economics, political science, law, and ethics to provide a deeper understanding of the managerial issues that arise in the business landscape. KEY TOPICS: Strategy and the Non-Market Environment; Public Politics and Non-Market Strategy; Government and Markets; Global Non-Market Strategy; Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MARKET:  Today’s businesses need to compete in both the market and nonmarket arenas. Written to assist managers improve the performance of their businesses, this text teaches readers how to balance shareholder profits and the consumer appeal of corporate social responsibility.

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