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Clinical Neuroscience for Rehabilitation, Paperback, 1 Edition by Schenkman, Margaret


Paperback: 1 Edition

Publication Date: 2012-07-20
Publisher: Pearson
Paperback : 720 pages
Edition: 1 Edition
Author: Schenkman, Margaret
ISBN-10: 0133024695
ISBN-13: 9780133024692

TEXTBOOK OF FUNCTIONAL AND CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE is designed to help students understand the nervous system structures and functions that allow for complex neurophysiological processing in support of human functions and behavior. Students are guided through learning the vocabulary of contemporary neuroscience, understanding the nervous system’s structural organization and communications mechanisms, and learning how structures are linked anatomically and functionally to mediate specific behaviors. To facilitate learning, this text builds incrementally on basic information to introduce increasingly detailed and complex structures, functions, and terminology. As students proceed, they develop working knowledge for predicting neurological problems associated with specific diseases or injury, and analyzing appropriate interventions.

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