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Coalescent Theory: An Introduction, Paperback, 1st Edition by Wakeley, John

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Paperback: 1st Edition
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Publication Date: 2008-06-01
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
Paperback : 352 pages
Edition: 1st Edition
Author: Wakeley, John
ISBN-10: 0974707759
ISBN-13: 9780974707754

Product Description Providing the foundation for molecular population genetics and genomics, Coalescent Theory covers the conceptual framework that makes studies of DNA sequence variation within species possible. Review "I think the level of math is just right for an important audience: the biologist, who, though not necessarily well trained in mathematics, has a taste for mathematical argument and is willing to apply him/herself a bit to get through it.... The case studies are a terrific feature.... I think many biologists will be greatly buoyed by these, and motivated to think deeper about the models and how they can be analyzed."    —Richard Hudson, University of Chicago "John Wakeley's book impressively presents the fundamentals and advances of coalescent theory and marvelously bridges biology and mathematics. A must for everyone interested in ancestral population genetics."    —Martin Moehle, University of Duesseldorf "The coalescent has come to dominate population genetics in recent years, and is widely applied to make sense of DNA sequence variation.  For the first time, Wakeley's book provides a clear and accessible account of this key subject, which takes the reader right up to the frontiers of current research.”     —Nick Barton, University of Edinburgh About the Author John Wakeley is the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Biology at Harvard University. He has worked extensively in coalescent theory. His research has focused on populations structured by geography and limited migration. Using coalescent models, Dr. Wakeley has addressed questions about the current and historical demography of humans and other species. In May 2004, Dr. Wakeley received a 2002 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

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