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Nobilis the Essentials Vol 1, Hardcover by Moran, Jenna Katerin (Used)

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Publication Date: 2011-11-01
Publisher: Nobilis
Hardcover Author: Moran, Jenna Katerin
ISBN-10: 0983365903
ISBN-13: 9780983365907

Nobilis: the Essentials, Volume 1: Field Guide to the Powers introduces you to a world of wonders and horrors touching ever so lightly on the world you know. This book is a sweeping guide to the secrets of the Nobilis and includes a fully-featured diceless roleplaying game for those who wish to live among them. If you've played the Nobilis RPG before, you'll find an exciting and comprehensive update herein. But if you haven't, that's even better! You'll find everything you need to play herein, as well as enlightening and useful secrets about the truth behind our world.

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