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Construction Accounting & Financial Management (3rd Edition), Hardcover, 3 Edition by Peterson MBA PE, Steven J.


Hardcover: 3 Edition

Publication Date: 2012-01-06
Publisher: Pearson
Hardcover : 360 pages
Edition: 3 Edition
Author: Peterson MBA PE, Steven J.
ISBN-10: 0132675056
ISBN-13: 9780132675055

CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 3/e helps construction professionals and construction management students master the principles of financial management, and adapt and apply them to the challenge of profitably managing construction companies. It integrates content that has traditionally been taught through separate accounting, finance, and engineering economics texts. Students learn how to account for a construction company’s financial resources; how to manage its costs, profits, and cash flows; how to evaluate different sources of funding a company’s cash needs; and how to quantitatively analyze financial decisions. Readers gain hands-on experience through 220 example problems and over 390 practice problems, many of them based on situations actually encountered by the author. This edition adds more than 100 new discussion questions, and presents financial equations and accounting transactions more visually to support more intuitive learning.

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