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Creating Inclusive Campus Environments for Cross-Cultural Learning and Student

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Diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion are values espoused by most colleges and universities; yet many educators, including those in student affairs, expect students to "magically" interact with peers from different cultural backgrounds on their own. With recent calls for accountability in higher education, it is more important than ever for educators to reconsider ways in which they prepare students for participation in a diverse democracy. Creating Inclusive Campus Environments for Cross-Cultural Learning and Student Engagement shows how to capitalize in educationally meaningful ways on the diversity that exists on campuses across the nation. It offers forward-thinking strategies and examples of good practice that will reshape the way readers think about approaching the work of multicultural education. Written by seasoned researchers and emerging scholars in diversity issues and student affairs practice, this provocative book offers practical solutions, innovative models, and pedagogical guides for creating inclusive environments that facilitate learning via cross-cultural engagement. In addition, first-person narrative accounts from undergraduate students provide illuminating insight not often found in other works on diversity. Creating Inclusive Campus Environments is the leading resource for higher education professionals seeking to understand and facilitate cross-cultural learning.