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Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping, Paperback, 4 Edition by Santos, Rachel Boba


Paperback: 4 Edition

Publication Date: 2016-11-10
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Paperback : 488 pages
Edition: 4 Edition
Author: Santos, Rachel Boba
ISBN-10: 1506331033
ISBN-13: 9781506331034

Product Description Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping, Fourth Edition provides students and practitioners with a solid foundation for understanding the conceptual nature and practice of crime analysis to assist police in preventing and reducing crime and disorder. Author Rachel Boba Santos offers an in-depth description of this emerging field, as well as guidelines and techniques for conducting crime analysis supported by evidence-based research, real world application, and recent innovations in the field. As the only introductory core text for crime analysis, this must-have resource presents readers with opportunities to apply theory, research methods, and statistics to careers that support and enhance the effectiveness of modern policing. Review "This is an easy to read and comprehensive text, designed to provide an understanding of crime analysis and the techniques employed today by the criminal justice system. All Criminal justice can benefit from the Administrative Analysis as well.  Emphasis has been presented to understand the importance of proactively using the data generated to prevent future occurrences as well as providing information for tactical deployment and administrative interpretation of data. The text makes you a believer in crime analysis" -- Charles J. Kocher "Good balance of context, theory, and practice." -- Jonathan Allen Kringen "Good companion study site, with useful material included such as quizzes and PPT chapter summaries, as well as the link the ATAC software." -- Dr. Stephanie Bennett About the Author Rachel Boba Santos is a professor at Radford University in the Department of Criminal Justice. She works with police departments and crime analysts. She conducts experimental and applied research on place-based and offender-based police crime reduction strategies, stratified policing, crime analysis, community engagement, and police use of force.

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