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Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition, Paperback, 4 Edition by LeVay, Simon


Paperback: 4 Edition

Publication Date: 2018-03-12
Publisher: Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press
Paperback : 696 pages
Edition: 4 Edition
Author: LeVay, Simon
ISBN-10: 1605356697
ISBN-13: 9781605356693

Product Description An evidence-based, accessible introduction to the study of sexuality and the diverse ways in which it brings joys and challenges to our lives. Now in its fourth edition, Discovering Human Sexuality has established itself as a popular and widely praised text that respects diversity both in the sexual world and among the students who read it. The backgrounds of the authors--in biology, sociology, teaching, and writing--have made possible a text that is multidisciplinary, authoritative, sex-positive, and a delight to read. The scope of Discovering Human Sexuality ranges from homosexuality in ancient Greece to the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal while covering a stunningly diverse array of topics. Questions considered include: How does the menstrual cycle work? What's "splitting the bamboo"? Can premature ejaculation be treated? If a man has undetectable levels of HIV, can he have sex without condoms? Which sex offenders will repeat their crimes? Is there a gay gene? What's wrong with polygamy? Is emergeny contraception abortion? Which bathrooms should trans women use? This book gives factual answers to important questions and provides material for informed debate for issues without a single solution. Review "Out of all the textbooks I have used for Human Sexuality in my thirteen years of teaching, I prefer the LeVay, Baldwin, & Baldwin text. I will continue to use Discovering Human Sexuality because I like the way topics are discussed and explained. The test bank is also easy to use compared to the last textbook I used, and that saves me a lot of time when I am putting an exam together. I particularly like the boxes that are contained in each chapter. They provide a break in the chapter content. The topics discussed in the boxes are important and useful and often lead to interesting discussions." --Celeste Favela, El Paso Community College "I absolutely love the LeVay et al. text. I would be hard pressed to find a more thorough and approachable text. The layout of the chapters and the box features are excellent." --James Vaughn, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma "We have a very diverse student population with various ages and education levels. I find the book interesting and yet not overwhelming, in a highly readable format." --Peggy Oberstaller, Lane Community College "I've been using the LeVay, Baldwin, and Baldwin text since the second time I taught the course. I'd previously used another as recommended by a colleague, but it didn't emphasize biological aspects. I really like Discovering Human Sexuality because of its emphasis on biology and the fact that each edition is great at including recent phenomena, like changes in legal issues related to sexuality. I think it's written in an easy-to-read style. I like the visuals included in the book, and I appreciate the little out-takes/side boxes that give points of view or case studies within them. As I am teaching this within a Psychology Department, I find that my students appreciate the approach the text takes." --Patricia Schiml, Wright State University" About the Author Simon LeVay, Ph.D is a British born neuroscientist turned science writer and teacher. He has served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and has taught at Harvard, the University of California, and Stanford University. He is the author or coauthor of 11 books, including Gay, Straight, and the Reasn Why: The Science of Sexual Orientation. Janice Baldwin, Ph.D, and John Baldwin, Ph.D are sociologists at the University of Californina, Santa Barbara. They have been collaborators and writers on many papers and projects in the area of sex, sexuality, and sex education. The Baldwins co-teach a very dynamic undergraduate Human Sexuality course at UCSB, that has been regularly voted the Best Course there, and they have been named Best Professors multiple times. They also co-created--with their upper div

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