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Electronics 1 Part 1 (Quick Study Academic)

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There's So Much More To Know...

Our laminated study guides provide the clear and concise information you need to learn any subject quickly!

Written by experts, including teachers, doctors, business professionals, and subject experts, QuickStudy laminated study guides provide more facts per page than a book, as well as the key content you need and trust.

Condensed into 6 pages, QuickStudy laminated guides are your answer to studying more effectively and at a great value!

Benefits of QuickStudy Laminated Study Guides...

Improve test scores

Memory tool

Build confidence with the foundation for the course

Visually see how the course fits together

On the go study tool

Study more effectively & shorten the learning curve

Improve test scores

Memory tool

Build confidence with the foundation for the course

Visually see how the course fits together

On the go study tool

Study more effectively & shorten the learning curve

Why QuickStudy Laminated Study Guides?

Better Grade Opportunities Increased Academic Success Potential with QuickStudy Study Guides Smarter

Textbook Worth of Info in 6 Pages

Memory Tool Increase Study Memory Capacity Learn Quicker Learn Smarter QuickStudy Study Guides Smart

See How The Course Fits Together

Better Grade Potential

QuickStudy laminated study guides are all about facts providing fluff-free learning. This straight-forward approach has proven to offer better grade potential when used in the learning process.

Textbook Worth of Info In Each QuickStudy Guide

With so much information jam-packed into each laminated study guide, they provide a textbook worth of information in only 6 pages. With more facts per page than a book, take advantage of a textbook worth of knowledge with each QuickStudy guide.

Enhanced Memory Tool

Our motto - "LEARN QUICK. LEARN SMART." - is straight to the point for a reason. It encompasses our QuickStudy laminated study guides. They are designed to reduce study time and help you retain the information that matters most.

Visually See How The Course Fits Together

QuickStudy laminated study guides help guide you thru your course. They allow you to visually see how the course fits together from the first day of class through final exams.

Created To Be Compact, Built To Last, And With Content You Can Trust...

Laminated Study Guide Spill Proof Durable Quality Made To Last Long Lasting Water Liquid Resistant

3-Hole Punched for 3-Ring Binder Storage Perfect or Organizing/Storing in School or College Binders

Authored by Experts Adopted by Educators QuickStudy Study Guides get facts straight from academics

Graphs Illustrations Charts Definitions Terms Quotes Facts and Figures for Data Collection Analysis

LAMINATED - Spill Proof & Durable

Sealed with high grade lamination, QuickStudy laminated study guides can withstand the spills that come with lots of studying, as well as the test of time. Combined the best quality color inks and paper materials, QuickStudy laminated study guides are simply made to last.

3-Hole Punched To Fit Binders

The key to succeeding in school is making sure you are organized. BarCharts Publishing helps by 3-hole punching each QuickStudy guide so you can keep your class-notes and QuickStudy guides organized in a 3-ring binder.

Authored by Experts | Adopted By Educators

All QuickStudy guides are authored by experts including teachers, doctors, business professionals, and subject experts. They have been adopted by educators across the academic, medical and professional communities. This level of trusted appreciation is what inspires our continued pursuit to help students learn quick and learn smart.

Graphs, Illustrations, and Color-Coded-Boxes Reinforce Learning

Designed to be informative and engaging, QuickStudy laminated study guides offer visual graphs, illustrations, and color-coded boxes to enhance the learning process.

About BarCharts Publishing, Inc.

BarCharts Publishing makers of QuickStudy Laminated Academic Medical Career Study & Reference Guides

50 Million Guides In Print

Made in Boca Raton FL Made in the USA American Made Domestic Business Support Local Business Florida

Helping Students Succeed Since 1991!

BarCharts was established in 1991, in Boca Raton, FL while Bobbie Ford, was studying constitutional law for the bar exam. She penciled a flow chart summarizing the pertinent points and made copies to give to her law school friends, they loved them! Her husband, John Ford, saw the opportunity and the rest is history. Today, BarCharts Publishing produces over 700 QuickStudy laminated quick-reference guides as well as other academic products. BarCharts Publishing strives for quality, accuracy and to always exceed your expectations!

What Do 50 Million Laminated Guides Look Like?

Perhaps this might be considered a trick question. But the reality is that if you lined up every QuickStudy guide in print, side by side, the line would reach from Boca Raton, Florida to Seattle, Washington and back! That's nearly 30 years of going the distance with dedication, consistency and trust in what we do!

Made In The USA!

Since day one, we're proud to make ALL of our laminated study guides here in the USA! Located in Boca Raton, Florida, all QuickStudy guides are made with quality, care, and distributed across the globe! It is an honor to help students, educators, businesses and the medical community reach their intellectual goals of prosperity and success.