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Empirical Approaches to Sociology: A Collection of Classic and Contemporary Readings (5th Edition), Paperback, 5 Edition by Carter, Gregg Lee

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Paperback: 5 Edition
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Publication Date: 2019-07-19
Publisher: Pearson
Paperback : 608 pages
Edition: 5 Edition
Author: Carter, Gregg Lee
ISBN-10: 0205628095
ISBN-13: 9780205628094

Product Description Empirical Approaches to Sociology is the only introductory level reader to offer a selection of major articles that are rich in research data, yet may be easily understood without advanced math skills. Using primary sources, the book gives readers a chance to see how research findings are interpreted and incorporated into sociological theory. Review “The text provides an excellent overview of the empirical, research-oriented aspects of sociology. Students should find it appealing and rewarding.” Dennis Willigan, University of Utah   “Empirical Approaches to Sociology actually does what many texts claim to do—provide an alternative that truly differs from the others. Overall I would rate this reader as a ten.” Debra Miller, Kent State University   “Gregg Carter’s introduction provides an excellent step-by-step approach for evaluating empirical arguments, probably one of the best explanations I have seen on this topic ... This approach allows students the opportunity to think analytically and to make their arguments using empirical data. This is not done in most readers.” Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Boston College   “Let me simply say that this is one of the most thoughtful, inspired, and well-organized anthologies in introductory sociology on the market. Carter does an excellent job illuminating sociological themes (social order, inequality, gender) with classic theoretical statements, and he demonstrates that they continue to have contemporary relevance, either by grounding them empirically with supportive data or challenging them with contradictory findings.” Blind Reviewer #1   “This book provides a great set of individual readings, covers key topics, and offers insightful and well-written introductions to each topical unit.  [Indeed,] the author’s introductions, along with the “primer” on critical reading, are simply superb.  Carter is obviously a gifted teacher and writer." Blind Reviewer #2   “I like the organization entirely . . .the book focuses nicely on the basics that are part of everyone’s introductory course.” Cornelius Riordan, Providence College From the Back Cover Empirical Approaches to Sociology addresses significant sociological issues and demonstrates the interplay between sociological insight and empirical observations through a collection of readings. Using primary sources, the book gives readers a chance to see how research findings are interpreted and incorporated into sociological theory. The readings are rich in data, but not so technical that they require advanced math skills. These forty essays provide a broad overview of the field and represent a range of theoretical perspectives.   About the Author Greg Lee Carter is a Professor of Sociology at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, where he is the long-time Chair of the Department of History & Social Sciences. He earned his B.A. in history and psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and his M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees in sociology at Columbia University.  His writings on contemporary social issues have also appeared in more than a dozen academic journals; among them are the Forum for Applied Research & Public Policy, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Research in Urban Economics, Sociological Focus, Sociological Forum, Sociology Inquiry, Sociological Perspectives, Sociological Viewpoints, and The Sociological Quarterly. He is the recipient of the Bryant University "Distinguished Research & Publication Award" and "Excellence in Teaching Award"; the New England Sociological Association's "Sociologist of the Year Award"; and the American Sociological Association's "Outstanding Contributions to Instruction Award" (Sociology and Computers Section). He is former President of the New England Sociological Association and has been an associate editor of Teaching Sociology. He has authored or edited 21 books, including: Analyzing Contemporary Social Issues (Allyn & Bacon, 1996, 2001), Emp

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