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English for Child Care : Language Skills for Parents and Providers (Pk W/Cd) - Like New

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#1 in the only series devoted to both language and child development. English for Child Care provides practice for high-beginning to low-intermediate language learners in the integrated skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Learn how to 1) respond appropriately to English sentences used in the child care workplace, at home, and in school; 2) participate in conversations in English with children, parents, and staff in child care settings, at home, and in school; 3) use level-appropriate grammar, orally and in writing, to communicate effectively with parents, teachers, and child care providers about child-related topics, such as illnesses and incidents; 4) comprehend and respond appropriately to readings related to child care and parenting orally and in writing, use vocabulary words and phrases frequently found in the context of child care and parenting; and 5) recognize selected aspects of American childrens culture, such as, songs, nursery rhymes, and games, and use these with children. English for Child Care precedes English for Child Development in addressing the needs of parents and child care providers who are learning English for the specific purpose of advancing in their field. ASK ABOUT FREE VIDEOS WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE ENGLISH FOR CHILDCARE BOOK-CD PACKAGE. The program can be used as the core resource in a language development class for child caregivers and parents. The target audience of the book is students in the following 1) community college and university ESL classes, 2) adult and community education classes, 3) community based English tutoring programs, 4) parenting classes, 5) English classes for vocational education and worker training programs, and 6) au-pair English training programs. In addition, with the use of the companion MP3 CD with 200 tracks, individuals with an interest in English with a child care emphasis/content focus can use the program independently.