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Essential Plant Pathology, Second Edition, Hardcover, 2nd Edition by Gail L. Schumann


Hardcover: 2nd Edition

Publication Date: 2009-10-01
Publisher: American Phytopathological Society
Hardcover : 384 pages
Edition: 2nd Edition
Author: Gail L. Schumann
ISBN-10: 089054381X
ISBN-13: 9780890543818

The second edition text comes packaged with a dynamic set of online resources that work hand-in-hand with the popular APSnet Education Center and provides students and their professors with an engaging way to learn and teach plant pathology. This online content contains many important supplementary materials that can be used without internet access, including: expanded and revised identification exercises, APSnet Education Center peer-reviewed instructional materials, and web links for each chapter. The online content is a key part of the book because it includes links to all of the enrichment materials from the APSnet Education Center, APSnet feature articles, and links to recommended websites. These are used for the exercises at the end of each chapter. This allows students to learn about diseases and topics of specific interest to them. Also, the online content provides identification exercises for most of the chapters. The online content also includes the illustrated glossary with photos, diagrams and many of the definitions which are not included in the printed version in the book. For instructors, there are high resolution versions of all of the text images. A printed version of the glossary has been added to the textbook which includes synonyms, antonyms, and related terms that will aid students in learning the plant pathology vocabulary. In addition, Appendix 2, which provides disease examples, has been revised to add more tropical crops and diseases for use in chapter exercises.

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