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Evidence (American Casebook Series), Hardcover, 8 Edition by Broun, Kenneth S.


Hardcover: 8 Edition

Publication Date: 2013-11-06
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
Hardcover : 1327 pages
Edition: 8 Edition
Author: Broun, Kenneth S.
ISBN-10: 0314281479
ISBN-13: 9780314281470

This comprehensive look at the law of evidence has been extensively updated and made current since the previous edition. One of the most significant changes in the Eighth Edition deals with the revolution in Confrontation Clause jurisprudence occasioned by the Supreme Court's decision in Crawford v. Washington (2004). Since the last edition, the Supreme Court has decided half a dozen cases involving Crawford’s approach. Substantial additions to the detailed notes regarding confrontation reflect those new developments. Also, new material concerning scientific evidence has been added because of the dynamic nature of that particular area of evidence law–for example, the National Academy of Science's 2009 landmark report on forensic science. Finally, a number of cases and notes on new technologies, such as e-mail, computer simulations, social networking websites, and other the internet issues have been added.

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