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Exploring Management

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Exploring Management, 6th Edition

Exploring Management, 6e WileyPLUS + Loose-leaf

Exploring Management, 6e WileyPLUS Next Gen Card with Loose-Leaf Print Companion Set

Exploring Management, Loose-Leaf Print Companion


Kindle PDF eTextbook

Unbound loose-leaf print book + access card

Unbound loose-leaf print book + access card

Unbound loose-leaf


This is the digital version. It does not include WileyPLUS access.

This package includes an unbound, loose-leaf textbook and a registration code for WileyPLUS Classic.

If your course ID starts with an 'A' your class is using the new WileyPLUS. This packages includes a loose-leaf edition and a registration code for the new WileyPLUS

This is the unbound, loose-leaf version. It does not include WileyPLUS access.

WileyPLUS access


New WileyPLUS

What is WileyPLUS?

WileyPLUS is an online learning environment designed based on student needs. WileyPLUS courses provide students with online assignments, study help, and further resources to support a specific textbook.

Do I need a WileyPLUS access code?

If your instructor has listed WileyPLUS as part of the requirements for your course, then you do need a code. Be aware that used codes or codes from third-party sellers may not be valid because a code can only be used once for a single course.

How will WileyPLUS help me succeed?

Our new version of WileyPLUS provides mobile-ready content, resources, videos and practice questions to keep students engaged and focused. Once activated, a new WileyPLUS course provides students with instant access to an interactive eTextbook and adaptive practice which adjusts to a student's level of understanding and helps prepare for quizzes, mid-terms and exams.

Can I purchase WileyPLUS through retailers?

Wiley sells access codes through major retailers; however, Wiley cannot promise that purchases from third-party sellers are valid. Ensure that you are buying directly from a trusted retail business (not a third-party seller).