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Federal Taxation: Basic Principles (2018), Hardcover by Ephraim P. Smith

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Publication Date: 2017-04-03
Publisher: CCH Inc.
Hardcover : 888 pages
Author: Ephraim P. Smith
ISBN-10: 0808046144
ISBN-13: 9780808046141

Product Description Federal Taxation Basic Principles is a popular first-level tax course textbook that provides a clear concise explanation of the fundamental tax concepts covering both tax planning and compliance. Basic Principles strikes a perfect balance between the AICPA model curriculum (focusing on business tax) and the demands favored by most teachers (covering the fundamentals and building toward the complex). The book is also a favorite in distant learning, because of its clarity and direct approach--and it is also used in special programs like CFP courses. Basic Principles covers the core tax concepts and principles, including individual taxation, gross income, deductions, credits, property transactions, accounting methods and periods, deferred compensation, retirement plans, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates, and tax planning for individuals. It is written by an editorial board of tax teachers that includes members who are currently active in the American Accounting Association, American Taxation Association, the National Tax Challenge, CFP education, CPE lectures, CPA preparation and other programs, so you can be assured that the text is allied with real-world educational outcomes. About the Author There are three General Editors for the volume: Ephraim P. Smith, Professor, California State University; Philip J. Harmelink, Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting, Research Professor and Chairman, Department of Accounting, University of New Orleans; and James R. Hasselback, Professor, Clarion Universityall of whom are also contributing authors. Contributing Authors in addition to those already named include: Ted D. Englebrecht, Professor, Harold J. Smolinski Eminent Scholar Chair, Louisiana Tech University; Edward C. Foth, Associate Professor and Administrator of the Master of Science in Taxation Program, DePaul University;Christopher J. Fenn, Tax Instructor at Georgia State University; Robert Ricketts, Frank M. Burke Chair of Taxation and Director of Accounting Programs, Texas Tech University; Larry Tunnell, Associate Professor of Accounting, New Mexico State University and Sharon Lassar, Professor and Director, School of Accountancy, University of Denver.

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