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Handstand Kids Oven Mitt with Mexican Cookbook, Paperback, 1 Edition by Garfield, Yvette

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Paperback: 1 Edition
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Publication Date: 2008-05-05
Publisher: Handstand Kids, LLC
Paperback : 52 pages
Edition: 1 Edition
Author: Garfield, Yvette
ISBN-10: 0979210720
ISBN-13: 9780979210723

Product Description The Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook Kit is packaged in a resalable tortilla bag with a child-sized oven mitt. The Mexican Cookbook kit introduces kid chefs ages 3 to 12 to delicious and healthy Mexican recipes. Recipes like Farmer's Market Chips & Salsa, There's a Meatball in My Soup, and Cheese sandwiches into Quesadillas take your little chef around the world through your own kitchen. All the utensils and ingredients are translated into Spanish so you can speak the language of Mexico as you cook! The recipes are leveled from 1 to 4 avocados so you will know the age appropriate level for your little chef. From The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company. The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company aims to use international cooking to create a global community of children and empower kids to take a stand in their own community. Cooking is a fantastic way to promote health and nutrition, explore different cultures, encourage family togetherness and give to others in need. Their products introduce children to a variety of charitable organizations and show them how they can use their new cooking abilities to help others. About the Author Yvette had the idea of creating the Handstand Kids on a very long flight back from India. She wanted to bring back cookbooks for her little cousins, but was discouraged when unable to find any for children. Upon her return to the US, she began brainstorming on how to introduce children to international foods in a fun and hands-on way. The Handstand Kids books are the perfect recipe for kids to learn how to cook, while learning about the people, places, and language of a new country. It is Yvette’s hope that children will be inspired to use their new cooking skills to give back to their own communities. Yvette is a recent law school graduate who has a strong interest in international children's rights. She has worked with various non-profit organizations and the Department of Justice, Children's Rights Section.

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