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Here's How to Do Therapy: Hands on Core Skills in Speech-Language Pathology, Second Edition, Paperback, 2 Pap/DVD Edition by Debra M. Dwight


Paperback: 2 Pap/DVD Edition

Publication Date: 2014-09-30
Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc.
Paperback : 350 pages
Edition: 2 Pap/DVD Edition
Author: Debra M. Dwight
ISBN-10: 1597565652
ISBN-13: 9781597565653

Product Description The best-selling Here s How to Do Therapy: Hands-on Core Skills in Speech-Language Pathology is back in a newly revised second edition. Unique in design and content, this text and accompanying DVD provide a logical and manageable approach to therapy and help students and practitioners enhance their clinical skills through guided practice of key concepts. Twenty-eight fundamental therapeutic skills are presented in a workshop format using organizers, definitions/demonstrations, think-out-loud questions, prompts for practice, post-organizers, and more. This second edition also includes an all new chapter that examines the concept of critical incidents in learning speech-language therapy and details 18 classroom activities for clinical supervisors and instructors. The 80-minute DVD significantly enhances the tutorial aspect of this text by presenting visual demonstrations of core therapeutic skills. One- to three-minute vignettes give students real-life examples of implementing these skills and two extended DVD sessions demonstrate the basics of language-based therapy, highlighting articulation and language intervention. Here's How to Do Therapy, Second Edition, is an ideal reference for providing effective therapy for both clinical practicum and management courses, as well as for clinicians engaged in SLP intervention. Review Review of the best selling first edition: "The How to Do Therapy text is an excellent tool...I wish it would have been available when I was a beginning clinician...and it is even good reading for a seasoned clinician!" --Mandie Harris, Oklahoma State University Review of the best selling first edition: "The book has helped the undergraduate student better grasp the concept of beginning therapy in the general setting. The book is exquisitely plotted out in steps to take before one begins actual therapy. Here s How to Do is a wonderful resource for beginning Speech-Language Pathology students. This book helps guide students by giving explicit examples of what to say and how to react to certain surprises in the therapy session. Dr. Dwight also gives excellent guide with the vignettes." --Allison Spitznagel, University of West Georgia Review of the best selling first edition: "Dr. Debra Dwight s book, Here s How to Do Therapy: Hands-On Core Skills in Speech-Language Pathology, is a very useful resource for the student Speech-Language Pathologist. It focuses on different therapy techniques and provides workshops so that the student can try his/her hand at different techniques. As a student, I have never used a textbook that provides so much detail and so many opportunities for application in and outside the classroom. I found the book to be practical and easy to read, and I know that I will frequently refer to it once I begin working as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I would recommend this book to any student who is interested in the field of Speech-Language Pathology." --Sarah M. Payne, University of West Georgia

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