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History of the Theatre, Hardcover, 10th Edition by Brockett, Oscar G.


Hardcover: 10th Edition

Publication Date: 2007-10-11
Publisher: Pearson
Hardcover : 688 pages
Edition: 10th Edition
Author: Brockett, Oscar G.
ISBN-10: 0205511864
ISBN-13: 9780205511860

Product Description Known as the "bible" of theatre history, Brockett and Hildy’s History of the Theatre is the most comprehensive and widely used survey of theatre history in the market.   This 40th Anniversary Edition retains all of the traditional features that have made History of the Theatre the most successful text of its kind, including worldwide coverage, more than 530 photos and illustrations, useful maps, and the expertise of Oscar G. Brockett and Franklin J. Hildy, two of the most widely respected theatre historians in the field. As with every edition, the text reflects the current state of knowledge and brings the history of theatre up to the present. This tenth edition continues to provide the most thorough and accurate assessment of theatre history available. From the Back Cover History of the Theatre, 10/e Oscar G. Brockett and Franklin J. Hildy   Congratulations on beginning your learning experience with the 40 th Anniversary Edition of this bestselling theatre history textbook written by two of the most highly respected theatre historians in the field: Oscar G. Brockett and Franklin J. Hildy.  You’ll begin your historical journey chronologically with the ritual origins of theatre. Then you’ll travel around the world as you explore the roots of theatre in countries such as Spain, England, and France, in Latin America and more. You’ll end your survey with the theatres of Africa and Asia. The cover alone captures the drama and diversion that an evening at the theatre provides.                 WHAT YOU’LL FIND IN THIS EDITION The most comprehensive coverage of European, American, Asian, African, and Latin American theatre history exposes you to many types of theatre you may have never before considered. A revised chapter on contemporary theatre covers avant-garde theatre from around the world and brings theatre history up to the present day. Updates throughout every chapter provide you with the most current and accurate information available, so you’ll be well-informed for discussions in class as well as with family and friends.  REVIEWER QUOTES   “Most people involved with teaching theatre history know that this text is unequaled in the field. No other survey text gives this kind of detail, is revised as often to keep pace with research and historical developments, is as qualified or clear in what the state of knowledge and debate are on particular topics, covers as many areas of world theatre, has as thorough an index, is as rich in images, or has as useful a bibliography.”  –Dennis C. Beck, James Madison University   “Since I was a college undergraduate, the Brockett history book has been a ‘must do’ on my bookshelf and the bookshelves of all of my theatre peers and professors alike. The Brockett book is affectionately referred to as ’The Bible’ among my colleagues. There is no question it is a remarkable compilation of information and an invaluable addition to my resources.” –Kimberly Wagner, Edinboro University

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