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Horizons, 6th Edition (World Languages), Hardcover, 6 Edition by Manley, Joan H.

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Hardcover: 6 Edition
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Publication Date: 2014-01-01
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Hardcover : 490 pages
Edition: 6 Edition
Author: Manley, Joan H.
ISBN-10: 1285428285
ISBN-13: 9781285428284

Product Description HORIZONS is a complete elementary French program that makes learning French easier through its step-by-step skill-building methodology, flexible and accessible approach to grammar and new vocabulary, and creative and sophisticated coverage of Francophone culture. Through varied interactive activities and clear grammar explanations, the text helps students communicate effectively in French while culturally connecting them to the Francophone world. HORIZONS features a clear, easy-to-follow structure that is ideal for instructors with any level of teaching experience. HORIZONS carefully guides students Competence by Competence, through their first year of elementary French. Review "Horizons is the most engaging and well-conceived introductory textbook currently on the market." "I love how the activities seem like natural opportunities to communicate, rather than pedagogical exercises, and how all the skills-reading, writing, listening and speaking-are addressed in a strong cultural context." "At SUNY New Paltz, we love HORIZONS' approach. It is effective, and we have seen more students continue studying French after completing their language requirements. Adding a web-based activity on current subjects will enhance the learning and appeal to students and instructors." "The book is engaging, attractive, and, most importantly . . . well planned out and expertly structured so that students get the most of their book." "Grammar explanations are clear, accessible, and complete . . . The additional tutorials on iLrn� and tools in the eBook complement these well for students who don't seem to get enough from reading the explanations." About the Author Joan Manley is Professor Emeritus from the University of Texas at El Paso. During her 33 years as a faculty member, she gave over 100 workshops and conference presentations and authored 50 journal articles. She was a trainer and tester of the Oral Proficiency Interview, which led to the current emphasis on skill building and proficiency as exemplified in teaching programs such as HORIZONS. Stuart Smith received her degrees and her first training and experience in teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been teaching at Austin Community College since 1981 and has been authoring foreign language textbook and textbook materials since 1986. Marc Andre Prevost received his degrees from The University of Texas at Austin. He taught seven years at The University of Texas and starting in 1986, he was a professor at Austin Community College. He has coauthored foreign language textbooks since 1986. John McMinn-Reyna is Professor of French and Spanish at Austin Community College, where he has taught since 1986. After doing graduate studies in Romance Linguistics at The University of Texas at Austin, he also worked as an editor of high school and college-level programs.

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