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Ideas and Styles in the Western Musical Tradition, Paperback, 4 Edition by Seaton, Douglass


Paperback: 4 Edition

Publication Date: 2016-07-18
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Paperback : 528 pages
Edition: 4 Edition
Author: Seaton, Douglass
ISBN-10: 0190246774
ISBN-13: 9780190246778

Product Description Ideas and Styles in the Western Musical Tradition, Fourth Edition, explores the conceptual frameworks that have shaped musical development from antiquity to the present. In a lively narrative that prompts readers to think both critically and creatively, Douglass Seaton uses historical documents from thinkers, artists, and musicians to add rich detail to the compelling story of Western music. This brief and accessible narrative of music history features numerous works of art, literature, and music that immerse students in the historical and intellectual contexts of musical styles. The thoroughly updated and revised fourth edition offers: � New pedagogy including chapter-opening summaries and outlines; marginal cues to identify key ideas in each paragraph; and extended excerpts from key historical texts � Increased and balanced coverage of women's roles in music history, ranging from discussions of key composers and performers like Isabella d'Este and Fanny Hensel to women's important roles as patrons � A custom score anthology drawn from the Oxford History of Western Music offers students full scores and analysis for key works from the text � A more user-friendly design makes it easier for students to quickly locate key information � Updates to the narrative throughout, including the most recent research findings along with updates to the reception of key works Review "The writing is clear and concise and provides my students with a logical overview of each topic on which I can build during lectures. I have been using this book since its first edition and have never seriously considered any alternatives." --James A. Grymes, University of North Carolina at Charlotte "Seaton's writing style is what attracts me most. It is written in a prose style, without distractions and interruptions. He hones in on a subject and covers it concisely yet thoroughly, and then clearly segues into the next logical area." -- Virginia Boaz, East Texas Baptist University "My favorite part of Ideas and Styles in the Western Music Tradition is that it does not try to tell everything, leaving me space to bring in projects and pieces that are interesting and meaningful to me. Seaton covers the important concepts clearly and concisely, and I can move into detail where I choose." --Daniel Dominick, Austin College About the Author Douglass Seaton is the Warren D. Allen Professor of Music at Florida State University.

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