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Interpersonal Communication, Paperback, 7 Edition by Trenholm, Sarah


Paperback: 7 Edition

Publication Date: 2013-12-20
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Paperback : 432 pages
Edition: 7 Edition
Author: Trenholm, Sarah
ISBN-10: 0199827508
ISBN-13: 9780199827503

Product Description The seventh edition of Interpersonal Communication continues the tradition of excellence established by this theory-driven text. Its unique learning model, which emphasizes communication competence, stands at the forefront of the discipline. Now featuring a four-color interior and an entirely new art program, it remains at the highest level of scholarship offered for courses in interpersonal communication. Review " Interpersonal Communication continues to be among the most well-written, comprehensive, and user-friendly textbooks available for the interpersonal communication classroom. It is accessible across a wide range of student backgrounds, abilities, and class-levels, and I am impressed with Trenholm and Jensen's ongoing commitment to revisions that include current scholarly theory and research."--Randall J. Koper, University of the Pacific "The communication competence model is an excellent feature of the textbook. It's a wonderful conceptualization of what is truly involved in communication competence."--Virginia Hamilton, University of California, Davis " Interpersonal Communication presents coverage of all of the topics and theories you would expect and want in a textbook."--Marcia D. Dixson, Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne "Communicative competence is fully integrated throughout this introductory text and illustrates how complex effective interpersonal communication really is."--Melanie Finney, DePauw University About the Author Sarah Trenholm is Professor of Speech Communication at Ithaca College. Arthur Jensen is Professor of Communicaiton and Associate Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University.

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