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Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Bioethics, Hardcover, 10 Edition by Munson, Ronald


Hardcover: 10 Edition

Publication Date: 2016-01-13
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Hardcover : 944 pages
Edition: 10 Edition
Author: Munson, Ronald
ISBN-10: 1305508408
ISBN-13: 9781305508408

Product Description INTERVENTION AND REFLECTION: BASIC ISSUES IN BIOETHICS, 10th Edition offers students a compelling introduction to biomedical ethics by combining riveting human stories with clear explanations of cutting edge scientific research. A collaboration between a nationally-acclaimed bioethicist and a seasoned journalist, this textbook continues to be the most widely used bioethics textbook on the market. Each chapter includes crisp summaries of the relevant ethical theories as well as classic and contemporary articles on the most pressing topics in the field. This edition features new chapters on "Medicine in a Pluralistic Society" and the "Challenge of Global Bioethics. The accessible presentation of the conceptual debate and human dimension of today�s biomedical ethics captivates and engages students, whether they are philosophy, nursing or medical majors or have no philosophical or scientific training. Review �The Briefing Sessions offer the instructor an opportunity to move from abstract applied ethics to the concrete circumstances lived by others. For some students, this brings ethics down from the lofty heights of academic exercise and into the reality of daily life.� �The format used to introduce the topics and issues are engaging. The case studies bring the issues into focus as they are real life cases. The readings are excellent as they give the reader good arguments as to the pros and cons of each issue. The discussions are easy for the student to comprehend as they are not mired in technical terms or words that students are not familiar with.� About the Author Ronald Munson is Professor of Philosophy of Science and Medicine at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and a nationally acclaimed bioethicist. After receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia University, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology at Harvard University and a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Medical School. Munson has served as a bioethicist for the National Eye Institute and the National Cancer Institute, as an editor for the AMERICAN JOURANAL OF SURGERY, and as a member of the Washington University Human Studies Committee. Munson�s other books include RAISING THE DEAD: ORGAN TRANSPLANTS, ETHICS, AND SOCIETY, THE WOMAN WHO DECIDED TO DIE: CHALLENGES AND CHOICES AT THE EDGES OF MEDICINE, REASONING IN MEDICINE, and ELEMENTS OF REASONING, 7e (with Andrew Black). He is also the author of the novels NOTHING HUMAN, FAN MAIL, NIGHT VISION, and THE HARVARD GAME. Ian Lague is a journalist and editor based in Portland, Oregon. He received his M.A. from Columbia University�s Graduate School of Journalism, with a special focus on health reporting, and holds a philosophy degree from Swarthmore College. A former Managing Editor of BOSTON REVIEW, he has edited and written articles on such topics as the prescription drug wholesale industry, distributive justice in caregiving, and the role of public funding in private healthcare enterprises. He is a co-editor, with Joshua Cohen, of THE PLACE OF TOLERANCE IN ISLAM (Beacon Press, 2002), and has served as a developmental editor for college textbooks in Applied Ethics, Bioethics, and Critical Thinking.

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