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Introduction to Private Security, Paperback, 2 Edition by Dempsey, John S.

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Paperback: 2 Edition
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Publication Date: 2010-03-23
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Paperback : 480 pages
Edition: 2 Edition
Author: Dempsey, John S.
ISBN-10: 0495809853
ISBN-13: 9780495809852

Product Description PRIVATE SECURITY focuses on practical, real-world concepts and applications and includes detailed coverage of everything from industry background and related law to premise, retail, business, employment, and information/computer security as well as investigation, surveillance, and even homeland security. Throughout, the emphasis is on giving readers a clear sense of the numerous career opportunities available in this rapidly expanding field - including real-world insight on how to get a job in private security, concrete information on the skills needed, and succinct overviews of day-to-day job responsibilities. About the Author John S. Dempsey was a member of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for 24 years. He served in the ranks of police officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. His primary assignments were patrol and investigations. He received seven citations from the Department for meritorious and excellent police duty. After retiring from the NYPD, Professor Dempsey served on the faculty of Suffolk County Community College, where he won the college's prestigious "Who Made a Difference Award" for his teaching and work with students, until 2003. Currently, Professor Dempsey serves at the State University of New York ¿ Empire College, where he teaches criminal justice and public administration courses and mentors ranking members of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. He is also the author of INTRODUCTION TO POLICING, Fourth Edition (Wadsworth, 2008) and is married with four children and four grandchildren.

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