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Introductory Chemistry: Atoms First, Hardcover, 5 Edition by Russo, Steve (Used)

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Hardcover: 5 Edition
Used: Very Good

Publication Date: 2014-01-02
Publisher: Pearson
Hardcover : 864 pages
Edition: 5 Edition
Author: Russo, Steve
ISBN-10: 0321927117
ISBN-13: 9780321927118

Product Description Key Benefit:  Carrying through an atoms-first approach from the first four editions, and helping you focus on mastering the quantitative skills and conceptual knowledge you need to get a true understanding of chemistry, Russo and Silver’s I ntroductory Chemistry, Fifth Edition continues the tradition of relevance that makes it so effective. Now including MasteringChemistry ®, the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment product with a demonstrated record of helping students quickly master concepts, this Fifth Edition includes new opportunities for you to practice key concepts. MasteringChemistry provides seamless synergy with the text to create a dynamic learning program that enables you to learn both in and out of the classroom.With Russo and Silver’s Introductory Chemistry , Fifth Edition and MasteringChemistry, you get a complete teaching and learning program that gives you critical tools for ensuring a successful introduction to chemistry, including: Key Topics: What is Chemistry?, The Numerical Side of Chemistry, The Evolution of Atomic Theory, The Modern Model of the Atom, Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature, The Shape of Molecules, Intermolecular Forces and the Phases of Matter, Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry and the Mole, Electron Transfer in Chemical Reactions, What If There Were No Intermolecular Forces? The Ideal Gas, Solutions, When Reactants Turn into Products, Chemical Equilibrium, Electrolytes, Acids, and Bases, Nuclear Chemistry, The Chemistry of Carbon, Synthetic and Biological Polymers Market: Intended for those who want to gain a basic knowledge of chemistry. About the Author Mike Silver is a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Hope College. He received his B.S. in chemistry from Farleigh Dickinson University and his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Cornell University. He is also a member of the American Chemical Society and past president of the West Michigan Section and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. He has received the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research and the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Steve Russo has taken an early retirement as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Cornell University and is now teaching Chemistry part time at Ithaca College. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Professor at Indiana University. While there, he designed and implemented a state-of-the-art computer resource center for the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. He received his B.S. in chemistry from St. Francis College, and his Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry from Cornell University. He is a member of the American Chemical Society and has been a recipient of the Dupont Teaching Award, Clark Teaching Awards while at Cornell University, and an Amoco Distinguished Teaching Award from Indiana University. 

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