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Leadership And Self-Deception: Getting Out Of The Box

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Most people and organizations tackle common problems—disengagement, conflict, poor communication, and so on—by trying to change behavior. The problem is that a behavioral focus alone will not solve these problems. Why? Because they are driven by mindset. Through training, coaching, consulting, and a suite of implementation tools, Arbinger helps individuals, teams, and organizations achieve breakthrough results by shifting from the default self-focus of an inward mindset to the impact-focus of an outward mindset. Programs and methodology are based on four decades of research in the psychology of human behavior and experience working with organizations worldwide in the corporate, healthcare, education, government, public safety, and nonprofit sectors.

Titles by The Arbinger Institute

This third edition of an international bestseller—over 2 million copies sold worldwide and translated into 33 languages—details how its powerful insights on motivation, conflict, and collaboration can benefit organizations as well as individuals.

The Arbinger Institute explores how we misunderstand the causes of our conflicts and shows us the paths to achieving true peace within ourselves, in our relationships, and even between nations.

The Outward Mindset helps individuals and organizations shift to a new mindset that will improve performance, spark collaboration, accelerate innovation, and make your life and the lives of everyone around you better.