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Modern Army Combatives: Battle-Proven Techniques and Training Methods, Paperback, First Printing Edition by Larsen, Matt (Used)

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Paperback: First Printing Edition
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Publication Date: 2013-10-31
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Paperback : 184 pages
Edition: First Printing Edition
Author: Larsen, Matt
ISBN-10: 0897502078
ISBN-13: 9780897502078

Product Description In Battlefield situations where soldiers are forced to fight enemies in close contact, superior hand-to-hand combat skills can mean the difference not only between victory and defeat, but also between life and death. This authoritative manual addresses close-combat fundamentals from their history to their current role in modern warfare, and illustrates basic techniques and training methods with detailed photo sequences. About the Author Matt Larsen, a career Army Ranger who is best known as a hand-to-hand combat expert and the father of the U.S. Army's Modern Army Combatives Program, served in the U.S. Marine Corps and the 75th Ranger Regiment during the course of a 22-year career in the military. Larsen founded the United States Army Combatives School and served as both its commandant and the Director of the Army Combatives program for more than a decade. While there he wrote both the 2002 and 2009 editions of FM 3-25.150 (Combatives). Since leaving the Army, Larsen has worked as a private security contractor throughout the Middle East and Africa; trained US Marine Corps personal security detachments (PSD) for deployment to Iraq; designed a Combatives systems for the Canadian Special Operations Regiment; and, consulted on the design of Combatives training systems for the US Air Force, the British Royal Marines and the British Infantry.

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