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Multiple-Choice & Free-Response Questions in Preparation for the AP Computer Science Examination, Paperback, 9th Edition by Leon Schram

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Paperback: 9th Edition
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Publication Date: 2015-01-01
Paperback : 394 pages
Edition: 9th Edition
Author: Leon Schram
ISBN-10: 1934780340
ISBN-13: 9781934780343

The new 9th edition has been revised and updated to reflect the changes for the AP Computer Science Examination starting with May 2015. As usual, the book is divided into two sections. The first section has 17 focus chapters. Each chapter briefly summarizes the concepts, provides information about common pitfalls, and is followed by 12 review questions. The second section has 3 sample exams, each simulating the actual AP Computer Science Examination, with 40 multiple-choice and 4 free-response questions in each sample exam. The 9th edition has a strong focus on the important area of Object Oriented Programming, which has 4 separate chapters of review with a total of 48 questions. The review concludes with a set of tricky questions, also known as snooker questions. A snooker question is a question that a student with good knowledge of a topic, nevertheless gets wrong. Therefore, we have devoted a large chapter for snooker questions. This new chapter covers 15 major topic areas that are tested on the AP Exam and provides two questions for each topic, to assist students with subtle trickiness in questions.

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