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My Favourite Bible Stories and Prayers: Bible stories and prayers, illustrated especially for children of colour

‘My Favourite Bible Stories’ and ‘My Favourite Prayers’ introduces children of colour to some of the more popular bibles stories and a collection of prayers for different situations, with illustrations that they can identify with. Each story is written in a child friendly way to support children to develop their relationship with God. The stories and illustrations are engaging and fun to read and are specifically aimed at helping children of colour to build confidence and raise self-esteem by seeing images that they can relate to. Families will have a unique and precious keepsake for them and their child to treasure. My Favourite Bible Stories: My Favourite Bible Stories contains over eighty stories from both the Old and New Testament, that is written in a style to keep a child focused and interested. Additionally at the end of each story, there is a short summary explaining the true meaning behind the story and how we can apply the key lessons to everyday life. My Favourite Prayers: My Favourite Prayers contains a collection of original prayers, suitable for all situations and circumstances, designed to encourage children of all ages to understand the power and beauty of spending time with God through prayer. Each page is beautifully illustrated with cherubs that reflect children of colour.