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Nineteenth Century European Art (3rd Edition), Paperback, 3 Edition by Petra ten-Doesschate Chu

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Paperback: 3 Edition

Publication Date: 2011-01-06
Publisher: Pearson
Paperback : 560 pages
Edition: 3 Edition
Author: Petra ten-Doesschate Chu
ISBN-10: 0205707998
ISBN-13: 8601400036426

Product Description For one-semester courses in 19th-Century Art, and two-semester courses that cover the periods of 1760-1830 and 1830-1900. This essential survey of European art and visual culture in the nineteenth-century treats art forms within a broad historical framework to show the connections between visual cultural production and the political, social, and economic order of the time. Nineteenth-Century European Art was written to address a need in the market for a readable undergraduate textbook dealing with the period from 1760-1900. The new edition has been revised based in response to reviewer comments and criticisms, making it an even better and more readable book. About the Author Petra ten-Doesschate Chu is a leading authority on nineteenth century art. She is a professor at Seton Hall University and the author of numerous articles and essays, as well as several books, including French Realism and the Dutch Masters, Courbet in Perspective, The Letters of Gustave Courbet, The Popularization of Images (with Gabriel P. Weisberg), The Most Arrogant Man in France: Gustave Courbet and the Nineteenth-Century Media Culture, and Twenty-First-Century Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Art (with Laurinda S. Dixon). The recipient of several awards, such as a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, two National Endowment of the Humanities grants, and a Jane and Morgan Whitney Art History Fellowship, Chu is the past president of the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art and the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide.

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