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NOAA Diving Manual 6th Edition, Paperback, 6th Edition by NOAA Diving Division

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Paperback: 6th Edition
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Publication Date: 2017-07-31
Publisher: Best Publishing Company
Paperback : 800 pages
Edition: 6th Edition
Author: NOAA Diving Division
ISBN-10: 1930536887
ISBN-13: 9781930536883

Product Description All serious divers should have this comprehensive manual in their library. Dozens of the foremost diving scientists, educators, and other professionals in the field have contributed to and reviewed this important volume. The 6th edition is vastly more robust than previous editions, and the MSRP is ten percent less than previous editions - giving the reader more value for a lower price. This sixth edition of the NOAA Diving Manual builds on earlier editions, combining new developments in equipment and cutting-edge methods and procedures to provide a reference text that is useful for not only scientists but also all divers. New Chapters include: advanced platform support diving with ROVs/AUVs, submersibles, and atmospheric diving systems as well as underwatepPhotography and videography. Significantly revised and updated chapters include diving equipment; procedures for scientific dives, rebreathers, and polluted water diving. This edition also includes the new NOAA nitrox tables. About the Author Gregory B. McFall serves as the NOAA Diving Program Manager. Jeffrey E. Bozanic is an active diving instructor and author who has been teaching technical diving since 1983. He publishes and lectures extensively on diving education topics. He served as a lead editor of the NOAA Diving Manual 5th edition; and authored two editions of his own publication, Mastering Rebreathers. John N. Heine serves as the National Science Foundation, U.S. Antarctic Program Diving Safety Officer and he recently completed a research project evaluating the use of rebreathers in Antarctica for the scientific diving program. His diving has taken him to many areas of the world, including both poles and tropical areas in between. He spent fifteen seasons in the Antarctic doing research dives through ice that was ten feet thick, in water temperatures of 28.6ºF, and air temperatures as low as -60ºF.

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