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Organic Chemistry (Flash Cards) by Baltzer Bonnie L. (1994-05-31) Paperback [Unknown Binding] Bonnie L. Baltzer - Good

Designed expressly for undergraduates, Flash Cards for ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is a unique resource for students of basic organic chemistry. This set of 263 cards includes the major categories of reaction types as taught in such courses, providing an excellent supplement to textbooks and laboratory and classroom learning. The cards have been organized into major chemical categories such as alkenes, alkynes and carboxylic acids. Each category is designated by a letter as listed in the table of contents. The straightforward approach of this set places a single reaction on each the reactants and reagents appear on one side; the products, the name of the reaction and a brief explanation are provided on the reverse side. The concise organization of the material allows for easy self-testing.