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Our Place In the World Around Us: Environmental Geology Labs, Paperback by Pauli, Elli

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Publication Date: 2014-10-29
Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing
Paperback : 254 pages
Author: Pauli, Elli
ISBN-10: 1631890948
ISBN-13: 9781631890949

"Developed for a full term of lab work, Our Place in the World Around Us: Environmental Geology Labs is an ideal supplemental text for any Environmental Geology course. The manual introduces users to environmental issues facing contemporary society, including the differing types of environmental problems (both natural and anthropogenic), their origins, effects, and potential remedies. Our Place in the World Around Us provides hands-on problem solving experiences, while teaching the nature of scientific inquiry and the scientific method. The manual examines the complex relationship between the natural environment and human society, and demonstrates how scientific investigation can be used to protect society from natural hazards and mitigate anthropogenic ones. Our Place in the World Around Us successfully makes users aware of the multiple environmental factors that dictate the quality of life, and educates them on the healthiest way to co-exist with and thrive in the world around them. Elli Pauli completed a double B.S. in Marine Science and Geology at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL and was awarded an M.S. in Geochemistry from George Washington University. She is now the laboratory coordinator for the introductory geology courses at George Washington University, and is a professional lecturer in numerous colleges and universities throughout the Washington Metro Area, teaching classes in Environmental Geology, Physical Geology, Physical Geography and Geo-hazards and Land-use Planning. She has also worked with the Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History in the Department of Mineral Sciences and United States Geological Survey."

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