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Painting for the Soul: Soothe your soul, expand your imagination, and paint your way to colorful, creative expression, Paperback by Zacher-Finet, Isabelle

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Publication Date: 2016-09-12
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
Paperback : 96 pages
Author: Zacher-Finet, Isabelle
ISBN-10: 1633221814
ISBN-13: 9781633221819

Product Description Melt away stress and tap into your creative side. Melt away stress with the colorful, soul-soothing selection of projects in Painting for the Soul. Designed especially for those seeking a creative outlet that requires minimal tools and time, Painting for the Soul encourages personal expression through inspirational painting projects, inviting artists to embark on a therapeutic journey by tapping into their creative side. Using acrylic painting, this book takes artists through a series of prompts, exercises, and projects, inviting them to explore new depths of creative freedom and expression through pretty patterns and designs, flowers, uplifting phrases, and scenes. A basic introduction to tools and materials leads into a variety of step-by-step projects and painting techniques designed to make acrylic painting fun and relaxing. About the Author Isabelle Zacher-Finet has been living in Berlin since 2002 as a freelance artist and lecturer in painting. The works produced by this married mother of three have been featured in numerous exhibitions both in Germany and around the world. Through her seminars, workshops, publications, and YouTube channel, she has acquired a major national and international reputation.

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