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Power System Analysis and Design, Hardcover, 6 Edition by Glover, J. Duncan


Hardcover: 6 Edition

Publication Date: 2016-01-07
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Hardcover : 864 pages
Edition: 6 Edition
Author: Glover, J. Duncan
ISBN-10: 1305632133
ISBN-13: 9781305632134

Product Description Learn the basic concepts of power systems along with the tools you need to apply these skills to real world situations with POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN, 6E. This new edition highlights physical concepts while also giving necessary attention to mathematical techniques. The authors develop both theory and modeling from simple beginnings so that you can readily extend these principles to new and complex situations. Software tools, including PowerWorld Simulation, and the latest content throughout this edition aid you with design issues while introducing you to the most recent trends in the field today. Review "In my opinion, this textbook is the market leader at this level. I have received consistently good feedback from students regarding this book. The set of worked examples in this book remains to this day one of it best selling points. The introduction of the PowerWorld material in the latest editions was a good move. To me this is a mature text; it is free from factual errors and omissions. The examples are plenty and good. I like the examples which are carried throughout a given chapter. It has great worked out examples. It is well-written and appropriately concise." "The book has a good flow and a good pace. The material is very well written academically." About the Author A Ph.D. from MIT, J. Duncan Glover is President and Principal Engineer at Failure Electrical, LLC. He was a Principal Engineer at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates and a tenured Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Northeastern University. He has held several engineering positions with companies, including the International Engineering Company and the American Electric Power Service Corporation. Dr. Glover specializes in issues pertaining to electrical engineering, particularly as they relate to failure analysis of electrical systems, subsystems, and components, including causes of electrical fires. A Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Thomas J. Overbye is currently the Fox Family Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining the University of Illinois he was employed with Madison Gas and Electric Company from 1983 to 1991. He is also the main developer of the PowerWorld Simulator computer package, and a founder of PowerWorld Corporation. He is the recipient of several teaching and research honors, including the BP Amoco Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Education, the Alexander Schwarzkopf Prize for Technological Innovation, and a University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award. His primary interest lies in the area of power and energy systems. Mulukutla S. Sarma is the author of numerous technical articles published in leading journals, including the first studies of methods for computer-aided analysis of three-dimensional nonlinear electromagnetic field problems as applied to the design of electrical machinery. Dr. Sarma is a Life-Fellow of IEEE (USA), a Fellow of IEE (UK) and IEE (INDIA), a reviewer of several IEEE Transactions, a member of the IEEE Rotating Machinery Committee, and a member of several other professional societies. He is also a Professional Engineer in the State of Massachusetts.

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