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PPI Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the PE Civil Exam, 3rd Edition – A Complete Reference Manual for the NCEES PE Civil Transportation Exam

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Complete Review

Complete review of the Transportation Depth portion of the PE Civil exam.

Up-to-Date Codes

Mirrors codes and standards NCEES has adopted for the PE Civil Transportation Exam including AASHTO, HCM, IBC, ACI and more.

The People Have Spoken

Trusted by thousands as their exam-day reference.

NCEES Exam Specifications

Completely consistent with the NCEES exam content and format.

The Name You Trust

Authored by Norman R. Voigt, PE, a leader in civil engineering exam references.

250+ Clarifying Examples

The example problems in this book are instructional and informative which build exam confidence.

Extensive Support Materials

150 tables, 140 figures, 35 appendices, easy-to-use glossary, and complete index.

Career Resource

This manual will serve as an invaluable reference throughout your civil engineering career.