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Private Capital Investing: The Handbook of Private Debt and Private Equity (Wiley Finance)

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A step-by-step, comprehensive approach to private equity and private debt

Private Capital Investing: The Handbook of Private Debt and Private Equity is a practical manual on investing in the two of the most common alternative asset classes (private equity and private debt) and provides a unique insight on how principal investors analyze investment opportunities. Unlike other textbooks available in the market, Private Capital Investing covers the various phases that principal investors follow when analyzing a private investment opportunity.

The book combines academic rigor with the practical approach used by leading institutional investors. Chapters are filled with practical examples, Excel workbooks (downloadable from the book website), examples of legal clauses and contracts, and Q&A. Cases are referred at the end of every chapter to test the learning of the reader. Instructors will find referrals to both third-party cases or cases written by the author.

•          Covers analytical tools •          Includes the most common methods used to structure a debt facility and a private equity transaction •          Looks at the main legal aspects of a transaction •          Walks readers through the different phases of a transaction from origination to closing

Bridging the gap between academic study and practical application, Private Capital Investing enables the reader to be able to start working in private equity or private debt without the need for any further training. It is intended for undergraduates and MBA students, practitioners in the investment banking, consulting and private equity business with prior academic background in corporate finance and accounting.